Mary Colwell's Laudato Sí presentation

"Care for the World: the Challenge of Pope Francis' encyclical Laudato Sí" by Mary Colwell

Mary Colwell's talk on Laudato Sí on 4th November was well attended and received. The slides and presentation notes are now available for download here.

A Festival of Carols and Readings

A Festival of Carols and Readings in preparation for Christmas

Sunday 20 December at 7.45pm

St John’s Festival Choir will once again be leading the singing in this annual celebration. The decorated and candlelit church makes a perfect setting. All are invited to join us and reflect on that first Christmas, 2015 years ago. If you would like to suggest a carol or hymn for all to sing, please email your choice to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later Sunday 6 December.

The Carols and Readings will be followed by mulled wine and mince pies.  

Parish Archive soon to go live

The core of the parish archive has now been brought together and securely shelved upstairs at the presbytery. It mainly consists of sacramental registers going back to the late 18th Century, six boxes of catalogued documents and photos, and Mass notices for every week in the first hundred years of St. John’s.

The shelving (which was donated) gives scope for adding to the archive. It’s something that should be happening all the time, to give our successors a clear view of the life of the parish. A start has been made on plugging gaps in the record on important subjects such as liturgical music and parish schools.

The intention is to make the archive a valuable information source for non-commercial research. That’s easier said than done as making the archive easy to consult has to be squared with protecting its contents against damage and mis-use. We need some test cases to help work out how it should happen, so if you think the archive as just described could be useful to you in, say, family research please contact the parish archivist, Chris Morrissey on 01225-466799.

Young People Group Adoration

St John's Young People Group will attend Adoration on Friday 27th of November from 8 to 9 pm to say the rosary together and share moments of silent prayer for friends, families and the world especially in this moment of tragic events around the globe.

Anybody is welcome to join anytime from 8 until 9 pm

Reserved city centre car parking available at St John's to rent

Reserved, Bath city centre car parking is available to rent at St John's

Now is your chance to have a reserved city centre car parking space. Reserved parking spaces are available at St John's Church, South Parade, Bath, from Monday to Friday; 7.00 am – 6.30pm.

Located off Manvers Street, only a few minutes walk from the city centre.
Cost:- £125 per space, per calendar month
For more information contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone:- 01225 464471 (weekday mornings only)

Contemporary Music Group

We are pleased to announce the successful first meeting of the Contemporary Music Group.

Around twenty people of varying ages and from many nations attended last week's event. They listened to a presentation by Jason Whiley on the vision for how music may be explored together to facilitate worship. Jason is a very talented music leader in the Vineyard Music tradition. He was very encouraged by the range of musical talent that attended the occasion. The aim is to assemble a group that has a variety of musical talent that can grow in confidence in using their skills for the worship of God.

At the next session on Monday May 11th, 7.30 pm in St. John's Church, the musicians were invited to bring their instruments and use their voices in mastering six contemporary songs. It was a very optimistic and joyous occasion.

Congratulations to our new musical lambs!

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Jubilee year CD of music from St John's now on sale

Jubilee year CD of music from St John's

To celebrate the great variety of music which is heard at St John's, a special CD was produced for the unique Jubilee year, "A Jubilee in Song". There really is something to suit all tastes and now is your chance to have a permanent reminder of this Jubilee year.

You can listen to samples from the CD by clicking on the following:

In dulce jubilo (St. John's Festival Choir)
Gloria: Mass in Eb (St. John's Sunday Choir)
They'll know we are Christians (St. Gregory's Catholic College Choir)
Salve Regina (Gregorian Chant Choir)
Ego sum panis vivus (St. John's Sunday Choir)

Margaret from Devon wrote, after being given a CD as a gift:

"I would like to say how much I am enjoying it. There is certainly a lot of talent in your parish. It was a wonderful idea to include all the various groups, the children and the parish congregation, too."

The cost is £12 and includes post and packing. Please make your cheque payable to St John's RC Church and send to:

Parish Office (CD Purchase)
St John's Church
South Parade
Bath BA2 4AF

All money raised from sales will go into the church funds.


Our spire has been the home for peregrin falcons for many years now. They have featured on BBC Springwatch and can be seen through the nest webcam.

The St John’s Church peregrines are wild birds and the Hawk and Owl Trust Trust monitors their progress and well being.

26/12/15 An early scrape

29/05/15 Normality returns

18/05/15 Falcons standing guard

05/05/15 Raining, blowing, brooding and feeding

03/04/15 Four new eggs at Easter

29/03/15 Raining, blowing, brooding and feeding

21/06/13 Falcon news update

15/06/13 Falcon news update

10/05/13 New falcon chicks

14/06/16 Food fights, networking and sleepovers

11/12/16 Unseasonal Exchange

02/01/17 Falcon checking the nest box


Falcon webcam

Live Bath St John’s Church Peregrine webcam

The Hawk and Owl Trust has a single feed running from the St John’s church spire nest box.

Please Note | There is no audio and no 'Stills’ feed.


This video is streamed live by iCatcher software. With thanks to generous support from iCode Systems

Please Note | The video auto-refreshes after 180 seconds – to prevent excessive bandwidth usage.


Non Intervention Policy Statement
The St John’s Church peregrines are wild birds and it is the Hawk and Owl Trust’s policy that we will not intervene with chicks or adults whilst they are on the platform. Wild peregrines lay an average of 4 eggs but on occasion not all of the chicks survive. Factors such as adverse weather, sickness, inexperienced parents and lack of food can all lead to one or more of the chicks failing to survive. The chicks will have leg rings put on by a ringer with a licence to visit the platform to ring the chicks before they fledge. Peregrines are protected from disturbance by law whilst nesting.

Raising funds for the East African drought

A team from the Bath-based energy efficiency consultancy B:SSEC Ltd has completed a 70km hike across the Lake District to raise funds to tackle the on-going drought in East Africa.

The B:SSEC team, comprised of Paul Bennett, Wayne Ward and Chris Joyce, raised over £870 during last month’s trek for CAFOD, the official aid agency of the Catholic church.

For more details click here.

Calling Young Adults

CAFOD Gap Year volunteer vacancies are open for 18-30 year olds.

Last year, a student from Trowbridge went on a CAFOD Gap year. More information can be found on the CAFOD website at

Laudato Sí Parliamentary debate

The motion was intended to set the scene for a parliamentary session in which backbenchers could give their views to the government on the forthcoming Paris Climate Change Conference which aims for a legally binding and universal agreement on climate, from all the nations of the world.


David Packham attended on behalf of CAFOD and has provided this summary report.

A SPICMA message

50 Years of Helping the Missionary Church and the People of the Developing World

Back in 1967 a young man from North London named Bernard Phelan was ordained a Mill Hill Missionary priest. Those who knew him – family, friends and parishioners – decided to raise money to send to him out in Uganda, his first posting. No one could have known that this small and resourceful group would evolve into SPICMA, providing help and hope to tens of thousands of people across much of the developing world. Today, in addition to providing emergency aid, SPICMA finances dozens of projects every year. It also assists the Church in the construction and improvement of facilities in poor parishes which would have no means of raising the sums required locally.

What makes SPICMA different? SPICMA works through the structure of the Church. Everyone is a volunteer. No salaries are paid to anyone and, to keep costs as low as possible, all work is done out of the homes of volunteers.

SPICMA can act quickly. Being small can be a useful thing. When there is a disaster, whether localised or on a large scale, SPICMA is often able to respond before the larger charities like the famine in Karamoja currently.

If you would like to join us please contact Spicma P.O. Box 299, Cirencester, GL7 9FP Tel: 0300 3020016

Famine - Xavier appeal

The shadow of famine has returned to Karamoja, Uganda. Fr Mitema MHM has asked for your help in feeding the people of his parish of Loyoro and the neighbouring parish of Panyangara.

For more details and how to donate click here.