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What do I need to do to go to confession? The simple and straightforward answer to this question is sin! Going to confession and celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation is an encounter with the mercy and the compassion of the forgiving Father.

Sometimes we can be filled with anxiety about going to confession. Maybe we don’t know what to say; maybe we don’t know what to do; it may be that we haven’t been for some time.

Don’t worry! The priest is always there to accompany you as you encounter God’s merciful, and forgiving love.

The best thing to do by way of preparation is to reflect upon what you want to say and what it is that brings you to this great sacrament. What is it that doesn’t seem right in your life at the moment? Where are the areas where you have failed to love, either God, others or even yourself. Use the time of preparation to examine your conscience And to explore the ways that God has been there or that God has been pushed out.

We don’t have to have committed some great sin to bring us to confession. It may be that we just want to use this beautiful sacrament as part of the rhythm and the pattern of our prayer. Going to confession is always about meeting Christ and the priest is there to help you to encounter him and his merciful love.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is celebrated on a Saturday morning after mass and before the Saturday evening Mass. There are also opportunities during the week before the weekday Mass, Monday to Friday.

Of course, you can always call at the Presbytery 01225 464471 and ask if it is possible to go to confession. Keep an eye on the website and on the newsletter for the updated times.