Project Description

Our Deanery

In the most recent Code of Canon Law, bishops were given the authority to assemble parishes into smaller geographical groups. These groups of parishes within a diocese were then put under the care of a “dean” and called “deaneries.”

The purpose of this arrangement is to assist the Bishop in both his administration and pastoral care of the diocese.

The dean, ministering vicariously, enables the Bishop to extend a pastoral oversight of smaller areas within the diocese.

The Council is made up of delegates from each Parish Pastoral Council.

Drawing together priest and pastoral council delegates the Council seeks to explore and reflect upon their Church’s Mission in this corner of the world and grow in our understanding of all that we are called to be as Church. Its focus is always collaborative and a shared responsibility for the life of our communities.

Working to bring to fruition the Bishop’s vision for our diocese, the Pastoral Council is charged with understanding the local Church and how best to support and encourage each and every community.