Project Description

The Falcons

Our spire has been the home for peregrine falcons for many years now. They have featured on BBC Springwatch and can be seen through the nest webcam.

The Hawk and Owl Trust (is a national UK charity founded in 1969. It is dedicated to conserving owls and other birds of prey in the wild, and increasing knowledge and understanding of them.

The St John’s Church peregrines are wild birds and the Hawk and Owl Trust Trust monitors their progress and well being.

Access the nest webcam and watch the birds here

The Hawk and Owl Trust creates and manages nesting, roosting and feeding habitats; carries out practical research; and welcomes visitors to its wildlife reserves, education centres and outreach projects.

Peregrines were first observed regularly at Bath from around 2000. After three years of peregrine residence without any indication of successful breeding and with the agreement and support of the clergy, the H & OT designed, built and installed the nest platform on the spire of St John’s church which had been identified as one of the peregrines’ favourite roost sites.

The birds first bred in 2006, and have successfully hatched and reared young in every season since. Working closely with the clergy and administration staff at St John’s, the Bath and West Wilts Group of the H &OT continues to maintain the nest box.

Before the 2014 breeding season started, the H&OT Bath and West Wilts Group modified the nest box and installed a camera system. An extension to the front with an integrated perch, primarily to provide more room for the young to exercise pre-fledging, was designed and installed. The breeding pair have really taken to the perch, allowing them to watch the wildlife pass in greater comfort.

Our local contact Hamish Smith (Bath Peregrine Coordinator) can be contacted at [email protected]