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Prayer is that breath of the Spirit, breathed in and through us, in communion with the Father, through the Son. Sometimes this may be expressed in words, but often in ‘sighs too deep for words,’ which are nevertheless understood by the indwelling Spirit who knows and understands all.

When we pray, we are entering into that great stream of love which flows between Jesus and our Abba. We don’t need many words (Matthew 6, v.7) because our Abba knows us from within, and what we need, before we ask. Such intimacy, knowledge and love!

The invitation is to an ever deeper union with God through love and unceasing prayer, which transforms us to become ever more like Christ, and to reflect his love and presence in our lives and our world.

The first question we all have to answer is ‘what or whom do you seek’. This is not a one off question, it is a question we need to ask at the start of everyday and sometimes several times a day when things get tough or we are challenged to wander from the path.

Are you ready to follow Jesus from Galilee to Jerusalem? Are you ready to put yourself under the impulse of the Spirit and into the hands of God to do his will? Are you ready to put yourself to the task of bringing about God’s peaceable Kingdom, wherever you are and in whatever you do?

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