Adoration is most certainly a pulse in our parish community and a blessing for our city, too. With adoration each day (Tues-Fri), there are the added opportunities now on Thursday (7pm – 7.45am), on Friday (7pm – 8am) and Saturday (7pm – 8am Sunday).

These three evening and vigil times allow us to watch before the Lord in those still and tranquil hours, longing for the dawn, longing for the Lord who comes. It is so good to encounter people who cross our threshold to be drawn into the tranquillity and peace that comes from being before the Lord. It is good to see so many taking up the challenge of the giving of an hour or so during the night.

If you want to offer yourself for an hour’s prayer – either in Church during the day or in the Chapel for one of the evenings – do ‘sign up’.

Catherine, AJ, Angelina or George would be happy to allocate you a time.

You can reach out to Catherine on email at [email protected] to learn more and find an opportunity to be with the Lord.