Monsignor Kelly Fund - Sr. Annette

Missionary news 07/04/2019

On hearing that the Monsignor Kelly Fund had raised £430, with the permission of the Matumaini Disability Centre, Sister Annette provided video of the children at the centre playing football.

Missionary news 26/12/2018

Dear Richard,

Just to say a very sincere thanks to you and all in St John's for your support to us in 2019. I hope you and your friends will have a blessed Christmastime and on behalf of all of us I wish you every success and happiness in the New Year.

Thanks for all you do to help raise awareness too about living simply.....its not so easy in the consumerist society. Here its no problem at all! The needs are legion and we try to help the poorest and most vulnerable and thank God with help from people like yourselves we can made a difference to many individuals and families.

We have a programme of Family Support, apart from Matumaini Centre. We help the elderly, people living with HIV, single mothers and the unemployed, students and people needing medical interventions.

There's a lot going on and fundraising is at the heart of it all. We are more than grateful for your ongoing help and you all have a special place in the prayers of the community for our benefactors.

Thanks again for your greetings and good wishes.....

God bless and all the best, Sr Annette🌻