Monsignor Kelly Fund - Fr. Simon

24 December 2018

Dear Richard,

Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ. I hope this email finds you in a good health.

I want to wish you all very Happy Christmas and a Joyous new year. May the spirit of Christmas and New Year bring you and your family hope, happiness and love.

I also wanted to share some of our activities that we carried out during this year.

First of all, I would like to share that we have started hostel (boarding) for Christian needy students so our children can get a chance to study and stay in a safe and Christian environment. The boarding has been started with 15 boys at the present, we hope to help more children as God provides us some source. Besides studies, the children also get physical education, computer education, and Catechism. You would be very happy to know that many of the children staying in our hostel have got good positions in the very first year in their school. This shows that our children are very intelligent, they just need support and peaceful environment where they can stay and study without any fear.

We have focused on educating our children, so keeping this in view we gave scholarships to 70 Christian needy students who are doing great in their studies in the colleges and universities. Only, because of education we can change the fate of our Christian community in Pakistan. As you are well aware of the situation we go through every day.

We also arranged for interfaith harmony get together during the year so that living in a country where we are minority, may bring peace and love among people of different Faiths. Interfaith dialogues have been carried out in different places including towns, villages and cities.

Reflecting upon the true message of Christmas, we also distributed Rashan and financial help to 50 widows. As Christmas teaches us to share our joy with those in need. So, we distributed packets of food which included cooking oil, rice, sugar, tea, pulses, salt, soaps and sweets so they may also enjoy the Christmas day as we all celebrate.

I have also shared photos of these activities which I have shared above. I hope you will love them.

May the baby Jesus Bless you and your family.

In Christ.

Fr. Simon Khurshid