Monsignor Kelly Fund - Sr. Helen

27 December 2018

Dear Richard

Now that we are 'over the Christmas" as the saying goes, I am enjoying a break away from base and catching up on many things.

Christmas is always a busy time with parties for many groups: prisoners 110, kids in the parish 300, Nutrition Centre 60, Kay Chal 400 (An alternative school which tries to give children who may be older, and have never had a chance of going to school, a start and maybe access to regular school.) This is in the Parish and run by another community of sisters. Sr Maria works there too.

Hours were spent by a group of very helpful young people, wrapping presents, and then distributing them.

Life seems quiet at the moment. For how long? As I drove out yesterday I spotted a burnt out car on the main road near us. I hadn't heard anything about it. Was it an accident? Maybe. It is so difficult for many to get by with rising prices and no work and recurring 'desordre' as they call it.

My best wishes to all I know in Bath, and heartfelt thanks for your interest, concern and help.