Whole Parish Day 2013 Mass time changes - one Sunday Mass

Whole Parish Day Mass time changes - 7 July 2013

(posted 14 June 2013) Due to the special Whole Parish Day on the coming Sunday 7 July, there are changes from the normal weekend mass times as we focus on one single Sunday Mass to celebrate our Jubilee Year and to bring our Community together as one family. The single Sunday mass will start at 10.30am (instead of 10am), and there will be no evening Mass on that Sunday. Full details are on the mass times pages. 

The theme of the Mass will be 'Peace & Unity'.

Following the Mass we will have a shared lunch in the Parade Gardens (you will need either a Discovery Card or a utility bill to prove that you are a resident of BANES to gain free entry), this will be an informal event for all members of our St John's family - young, old, single and families. Please join us and make this event a special occasion in our Jubilee Year.