"Jubilee Antarctic Voyage in Bath!" Captain John Harper, Master of RRS Ernest Shackleton

"Jubilee Antarctic Voyage in Bath!"

[posted 20 August 2013] St John's Jubilee Committee writes: "St John the Evangelist Bath are most appreciative to Captain John Harper for his instructive and inspirational talk on his dangerous adventure to the Antarctic. Captain John Harper, Master of RRS Ernest Shackleton, who has been awarded the Merchant Navy Medal  for services to polar exploration, especially ice navigation and pilotage entertained the audience gathered in St John's and told his story of the dangers and wonders of his ship and crew as they navigated their way through dangerous waters. We were captivated by the scenes of wildlife and the sheer magic of the arctic scene both by day and night. Captain John was most generous in giving his time to help support the Jubilee Fund and the Jubilee Committee would like to record their sincere thanks for his support. We are also grateful to Bath Abbey for offering their big screen free of charge and thank you to our team of volunteers who worked hard to carry the screen and set up the equipment. Well done to all who contributed to raise the sum of £320 from the venture."
From the Jubilee Committee.

Also photos of the event are to be posted here shortly.