Blessing of new lights in St John's

The completion of our church relighting project was celebrated on 13 September with a gathering to bless the new lighting and to thank all those involved. Canon David spoke of the spiritual significance of lights, and of the light in each of us. These lights are here to reveal the church to us, and in turn we should remember that we are each Christian lights to help others. 2014.09.13 church-relighting3-roodscreen exp
A progressive switching on of lights was made to different areas through the church, showing each in turn, so all present could appreciate and consider what was revealed by the light in each. Those responsible were then thanked; firstly all those who have contributed finance funding & support, those who led the project (Martin Pavey and supported by others on Fabric & Finance), and designers (George Chedburn, Paul Ruffles) and installers (Brian Hussey), and also all the congregation of St John's for accommodating the works during the summer.
2014.09.13 church-relighting project complete - nave fully lit   2014.09.13 church relighting project complete - feature lighting, nave & chancel