Surprise Christmas visit from Bath Muslim community

On Christmas Eve, a family arrived at St. John's with a van full of Christmas gifts for the children of Bath and particularly the children experiencing the present times of poverty.

On behalf of the Local Muslim Community the many bags contained hand wrapped gifts of toys and dolls for boys and girls. The gifts were presented to Canon David Ryan for him to distribute during the Christmas season. Canon David who was deeply moved by the warm gesture of kindness spoke these words at Midnight Mass, "I am most humbled to receive these gifts from the local Muslim Community. May these children's gifts offers our community and the people of Bath a new hope for reconciliation and peace. In these gifts we are reminded of God's desire for peace and an end to all war and violence. May the local Muslim People be blessed by God through their generosity." He encouraged the parishioners of St John's to take these gifts to deserving children in the local area. The response was greeted with enthusiasm and all the gifts have been circulated in the area. As a consequence new friendships have been made with the charity "Bridging the Gap" and our local Salvation Army. It is hoped that further new relationships will be developed in our City between local Faith Groups and Folk of good will.

Our Muslim friends
Mohamed and Fadoua Elbadawy with their children Islam, Momen, Asia and Zane