Christmas 2014

Christmas Message from Canon David

I wish you and your loved ones the great joy of Christmas!

The first Christmas was announced as news of great joy for the world and may you receive that good news again. In the words of Pope Francis," The joy of the gospel fills the hearts and lives of all who encounter Jesus, and with Christ joy is constantly born anew." May this Christmas fill your life anew with joy. May your worries, cares, troubles and problems be swept away in the love of Jesus. May you encounter Jesus anew, learning to accept his love and be overwhelmed by his love. May the humble shepherds who fell on their knees at the infant Christ inspire you to cry out for his love. Don't be afraid to reveal your weakness to Jesus for He longs to come to rescue us. He is our Saviour, born into our weakness to make us strong.

As we experience the transforming power of his love so may our world experience a new awareness of the presence of God. May our leaders turn to God in their decision- making asking for God's wisdom to shed new hope for our broken world. As the darkness seems to be increasing all around us may we know a new dawn of God is soon to appear. The birth of Christ brought the true light into the world, a light that darkness cannot overpower. May that light of joy ring out as our Christmas bells resound throughout the world. May the bells of your heart resound with joy and love for the beauty of the earth and the beauty of its Creator.

Your beloved Pastor,

Canon David Ryan



A complete guide to our Christmas celebrations including events and mass times can be found here.