Easter week 2015

Easter Message from Canon David

"Alleluia, alleluia, give thanks to the risen Lord", these words express the great joy of Easter. The word 'Alleluia' means to praise God, to give God the glory and honour due to him as Creator and Life-Giver. Our Thanksgiving also turns to our Risen Lord Jesus who rose from the tomb on Easter Day, the first to rise from the dead and conquer the powers of Darkness and Evil. We celebrate the greatest of all Christian Festivals proclaiming the victory of God's love and the restoration of intimacy between the Creator and the whole of Creation. The Festival of Easter begins with the Blessing of the Easter Candle and the sung entrance of the Antiphon, 'Lumen Christi' the 'The Light of Christ'. Just as Light is the mother of life, so the light of Christ births new disciples, children of the light. The sun is the source of light causing grasses, crops leaves and flowers to grow, so the Risen Christ is the Glorious Son that transforms human lives to become the Easter People. As Christians learn to walk in the light of Christ so the fruits of God's light are manifested in joy, peace, happiness, patience and self-giving love.

Easter is a special time for the birthing of new Christians in the waters of the Church's womb. Throughout the world new Christians are born through Baptism having undergone conversion through the Catechesis of Lent. I especially ask for your prayers and loving support for our new Christians birthed this Easter in the Baptismal waters of St John's, Guy Philip Hamel, Claire Kirby, Lawrence Matthew McCabe, Rosemary McNamara, Stephanie Rennie, Basilio Melicia Sandala, and Aaron James Sutcliffe. We give thanks to God for those who have led them to faith by their inspiration and example. As they have received Christ's Risen light may their light have a great influence on their family, friends and those to whom God leads them. We also offer our best wishes to RCIA Candidates who have been baptised and through the reception of the Eucharist become full members of the Catholic Church, Janet Beverley Cowan, Katherine Goddard and Andrew William Wait. Their journey growing in the light of Christ has been a blessing to our community and will continue to do so.

I take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you in the special family of St John's. You are my inspiration and the source of much joy for me. Please know that each of you will be remembered at the altar in the Easter Masses and may the light of the Risen Christ shine brightly in our hearts and the hearts of all peoples of good will.

Your Pastor and friend,


Canon David Ryan



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