The Feast of Divine Mercy



Close to 200 people attended The Divine Mercy Sunday devotional celebrations held at St John’s Bath on 12th April 2015.

It was encouraging to see that the event attracted a mixture of seasoned devotees who have attended the event for a number of years, new devotees moving forward in their devotional journey and the curious wanting to know more.

One person told us “the advert just popped up in my web browser and I thought I would come and see what it was all about. What can I do? What can I give you? How can I help?”


During adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and personal reflection, four Priests of the Bath parishes were on hand to hear confessions.

After the 3 O’clock prayer and the Divine Mercy Chaplet, Canon David celebrated Mass.

Following the Mass the Divine Mercy Image was blessed as were all Divine Mercy images held by the congregation.

The congregation joined together in venerating the Divine Mercy Image which was then followed with a period where the congregation were encouraged to come forward for personal veneration.


Highlights from Canon’s David homily on Divine Mercy.

Be warned.....

  • Today graces are flowing down from Heaven in torrents and once you have a glimpse of Heaven you will want it more than anything else on earth.
  • God’s Mercy is in abundance and it will touch you and change you.
  • Be patient. From testimonies we have had in previous years some people will experience the Holy Spirit in their lives almost straight away, others after they leave the church and others much later in the days following. Be patient, remain open to God’s Mercy and you will feel the Holy Spirit in your lives.
  • As you have received so you shall give. God’s grace of Divine Mercy is freely given, not just today but at all times. By your lives share His Mercy.
  • Be Apostles of Divine Mercy in your deeds, in your words and in your prayers.

The Divine Mercy Team at St. John’s would like to thank all those who made this day very special; all those who attended as devotees, the curious and those seeking a deeper relationship with God, our Priests and all who helped to make the event happen.

For the Glory of God help us to improve this event next year.

Give us your feedback.

Give us your testimonies to share with others.

If you would like to join in our Divine Mercy Ministry here at St John’s please get in touch.