Testimony from Fr Ghilain’s visit

When we came to the Healing Mass, we were not expecting anything – although we hoped.

Carmel’s heart condition was terminal and had a life expectancy of around six months. When Fr Ghislain prayed over him, Carmel said to me that his breathing has becoming better. When we went to Mass and when Fr G raised the Host for consecration, Carmel, said to me “Now I am being completely healed!”

The following day we went for his usual monthly examination with his cardiac consultant, and after a lot of tests and machines etc consultant told him, “Your heart has improved by 50% – go home and look forward to a long life” You can imagine, I screamed “This is a miracle”. The consultants (By now there were two) both told us that they believe in miracles and this was one of them!!!!! I must also add that Carmel has been a changed man ever since – he is cheerful and thankful always.