The peace process in Columbia

Bath Deanery

The peace process in Columbia, the utopia is now being realised.

Jeny Pantoja
Colombian teacher
Postgraduate student Bath Spa University.

7.30 p.m. on Friday February 17th 2017 in St. John's Parish Hall*, South Parade, Bath.

After 52 years of violence and fear, Colombians see the implementation of this process with astonishment and incredulity. A group of rebels that caused so much grief asked for forgiveness and wants to reincorporate to civilian life, fighting now with words instead of arms. This process awarded President Juan Manuel Santos the Nobel Peace Prize in 2016 and the responsibility of leading a country as an example of reconciliation and coexistence to the world.

The Catholic Church has had a relevant role in the negotiations as a mediator and it will continue its important work in the post-conflict preparing parishioners for forgiveness and reincorporation of those who once held arms and now only hold hope for a better life.

CAFOD-Colombia also supports these actions by helping displaced victims of the conflict to start a new life from the grief to the joy of being in their own lands and dreams.

This meeting is a chance of getting to know a little history of the peace process in Colombia, what the final agreement proposes, the role of the Catholic church and how beautiful Colombia is.

* Enter top car park, left down four steps and into door on right.