Live Simply: Live in Solidarity with the Poor

In many parts of the developing world, technology has made tremendous improvements to the lives of the poor, many remote from the nearest towns. The poor have instant connectivity. They can watch a movie with an app. They have mobile phones where they can Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp or WeChat family, friends and strangers. Note that these brand names are now verbs widely understood.

And yet, for many in third world countries, what is most basic is sadly lacking. It is the access to water, clean water for cooking, water for washing and sanitation, water for planting and livelihoods, the basics of survival. That is not instant.

Our presentation gives a panoramic perspective on the qualities of water and a glimpse of pressing issues for the future if we do nothing. Catholic Social Teaching provides a moral compass on what ought we to do.

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We thank you for your support of CAFOD, Monsignor Kelly Fund, SPICMA and the Holy Water Project for India.