St Johns Young Adult Group

One of our most recently formed groups is for Young Adults, aged 18-35+.

If you ever happened to be in the Crystal Palace, a pub in the city centre of Bath, on a Sunday night at around 7.30 pm you might have noticed a group of young adults people gathering there. Different nationalities, ages, hopes and life experiences all linked together by the faith they share and the desire of being Christ to others.

What has started like a small seed, the invitation to the pub of a friend to another to have a pint and a chat after the 6.30pm Sunday Mass, has gradually grown and become the ‘St John’s Young Adult Group’.

Thanks to the support of Father David Ryan and other parishioners, now the group has started to plan other activities outside the pub walls. From the 14th of June, activities included a walk along the Canal to reach Bathampton Village, the screening of The Way, a film about ‘el camino de Santiago’ and a lovely walk around Bath hills.

As the protagonist in The Way says, we do not choose a life, we live a life. And Christ is testified in the people we meet ‘on the way’. This is why the St John’s Young Adult Group members are inviting other young people to join them and ‘walk together’.


Details of the group's events are published on our website home page or on the Facebook page You can also email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more.