A SPICMA message

50 Years of Helping the Missionary Church and the People of the Developing World

Back in 1967 a young man from North London named Bernard Phelan was ordained a Mill Hill Missionary priest. Those who knew him – family, friends and parishioners – decided to raise money to send to him out in Uganda, his first posting. No one could have known that this small and resourceful group would evolve into SPICMA, providing help and hope to tens of thousands of people across much of the developing world. Today, in addition to providing emergency aid, SPICMA finances dozens of projects every year. It also assists the Church in the construction and improvement of facilities in poor parishes which would have no means of raising the sums required locally.

What makes SPICMA different? SPICMA works through the structure of the Church. Everyone is a volunteer. No salaries are paid to anyone and, to keep costs as low as possible, all work is done out of the homes of volunteers.

SPICMA can act quickly. Being small can be a useful thing. When there is a disaster, whether localised or on a large scale, SPICMA is often able to respond before the larger charities like the famine in Karamoja currently.

If you would like to join us please contact Spicma P.O. Box 299, Cirencester, GL7 9FP Tel: 0300 3020016