SPICMA Famine Aid

The Karamoja region in northeast Uganda has struggled with drought conditions periodically for many years. The rural population is especially poor and life becomes precarious very quickly when the rains fail, as they have in recent months.

Mill Hill Missionaries Frs Mitema and Ignatius are in charge of Loyoro and Panyangara vast parishes and asked for our help to purchase maize, beans, oil and salt for the most vulnerable. We sent £30,000 in late 2018 and another £40,000 so far this year. This week they reported that their distributions have become more frightening with huge numbers of people arriving, despite limited available supplies. This situation has been exacerbated by the suspension of The United Nation’s World Food Programme operations, following the suspected contamination of their cereal mix which has led to sickness among many recipients and some deaths.

SPICMA has worked in this part of Uganda for decades. We know these MHM Missionary priests and want to support them in this difficult and harrowing time. If you wish to help us, please send a donation to SPICMA, PO Box 299, Cirencester GL7 9FP. More infortmation can be found at

Thank you

Paddy Phelan

BATH, Hon. Director SPICMA