An update from Benedict

Good News from Seminarian Benedict Skipper.

We are very happy to announce that our young Seminarian, Benedict Skipper received the Order of Acolyte at Oscott College, Birmingham last Sunday.

There are a number of ministries, called orders, on the road to Priesthood and the ministry of Acolyte denotes a cleric promoted to the highest minor order in the Church. The chief offices of an acolyte are to light the candles on the altar, to carry them in procession, and during the solemn singing of the Gospel; to prepare wine and water for the sacrifice of the Mass, and assist the sacred ministers at Mass and other public service of the Church. In the ordination of an acolyte the Bishop presents him with a candle, and an empty cruet and appropriate words expressive of these duties.

In front of members of his family, the Archbishop of Cardiff ordained him as Acolyte, accompanied with six fellow students. Benedict has sent us photos of his special occasion, which are displayed on the Notice Board at the back of the Church.

We are truly grateful for all the Lord has done in Benedict's life, especially for his remarkable recovery of health, that has troubled him in the last eighteen months. Please continue to remember Benedict in your prayers and we look forward to welcoming him home to St John's for the Christmas break.