Lent 2018

Lent Message from Canon David

“Go out to the whole world and proclaim the Good News to all creation.” Mark 16:16

One of the positive faces of Lent is that this season sees on its horizon the coming of Spring. Following another long, wet and storm filled winter the prospect of Spring surely brings a better sense of well-being for all of us. The journey to Easter and it’s awaited Alleluias will also see the end of the winter flu bug that has racked our chests and filled up our Accident and Emergency Hospital Wards. Yes, Lent fills us with a new sense of hope, the lengthening of days and the leaping of Spring lambs, daffodils and warmer sunshine!

Yet for the Christian the sense of hope has a much deeper meaner. It signals the opportunity of the new life of The Holy Spirit in our lives. Our opportunity to receive the re-awakening of our spiritual awareness, the rebirth of the charisms of the Spirit, the chance to receive the seeds of joy, peace and love to flood our minds and hearts with laughter and fun. Lent offers us the invitation of Jesus, “to seek first the Kingdom of God and all these other things will be given to you.” Mt 6:33. As we begin Lent this year our Bishop Declan is calling us to seek a future full of hope. He reminds us in the words of the Prophet Jeremiah that God has plans for our future full of hope. This year we are asked to believe these words and engage together in new ways of spreading the love of God to others. With this task in mind we have invited Michelle Moran, a leading Catholic lay missionary to assist us. Recently, Michelle was personally appointed by Pope Francis to work and establish new structures for the service of Renewal and Mission in the church. In my spirit I sense that this is a great opportunity for us to experience a new springtime in our faith and would ask us to make every effort to attend her visitation. On Saturday March 3rd, we have booked the new Apex Hotel Conference Centre for this venture and invite the Catholic Community of Bath to be a part of this Challenging and exciting event. As Dean of Bath I will invite our Catholic Parishes, Schools, Colleges, Chaplaincies and organisations to attend and play they part in the plans God has for our future.

I invite you all to pray for the success of this gathering and to offer your Lenten resolutions for God’s guidance and Blessing in our endeavours.

During this Year of Mission and Lent in particular I encourage you to read the Gospel of Mark and draw strength from the power of the Sacred Scriptures. I wish your Lent to be a new springtime and in the words of Pope Francis, “Don’t be afraid, trust Jesus, be confident he is close to you, he is with you and he will give you the peace you are looking for”.

Canon David Ryan



Download our Lent 2018 booklet containing events and mass times.