Easter week 2017

Easter Message from Canon David

As we approach the greatest week of the Church's year, called Holy Week, we look forward to the great Easter chanting of Alleluia, Alleluia! These chants are meant to be vibrant, enthusiastic and exuberant. They should be as high- spirited as any secular sporting or festival event, even more passionate as the Twickenham roar, the Glastonbury Festival sounds or even the Bath Rec. Cheering! This is because Easter celebrates the greatest of all victories, the triumph of Jesus in his Resurrection over all evil's violence, terror and destruction. By dying He destroyed our death and by rising He restored our life, alleluia, alleluia! During the season of Lent the Church asks us to refrain from singing the alleluia chant to place importance upon the penitential aspect of faith. As Easter Sunday comes the Church now urges us to sing the alleluia chants with all our vigour and enthusiasm.

It's good at this time to remind ourselves of the powerful significance of the word, Alleluia, which means "Praise the Lord" To sing Alleluia means to give honour and glory to God. Easter reminds us of our first duty as human beings to give God our praise, who has made us and without whom life has little meaning. At the same time, the Church reminds us "We are the Easter People and Alleluia is our song." Being the People of Praise strengthens our faith and strengthens the bonds of love between us. Easter is a time for praising the Lord in so many different ways. We can Praise our Glorious and Risen Jesus for his sacrificial love on the cross. We can Praise the Holy Spirit for the Resurrection of Jesus and his gift to us in our Baptism and the Sacraments of the Church. We can Praise God for the gift of life itself, the family that has birthed us, the friends that have comforted us, the creation around us that gives us hope. The opportunities to be People of Praise are endless, yet so important as a remedy to counteract the current wave of negativity that pervades our lives. To Praise the Lord lifts our spirits, it strengthens our inner faith and hope, it brings new energy into our hearts. Praise is the very heart of a true Christian, the very ground of our being, "I will bless the Lord at all times, His praise shall be on my lips continually." Psalm 34.

May this Easter bring you and your family and loved ones much joy, happiness and peace. As we give praise and thanksgiving may God's Holy Spirit bring new life and energy into our lives. May we experience together the victory of love over hate, peace over conflict and the rebuilding and restoring of broken lives for God's glory and praise. Your brother and co-worker in the Easter People,

Canon David



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