Easter week 2019

Easter Message from Canon David

Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! I greet you with the joyful victory song of Easter, the greatest of all Christian festivals. As we gather together in all the Christian communities of the world we celebrate the greatest of all victories, the victory of the cross of Jesus. This victory is not only the greatest of all human victories it is unique and so different from other victories, whether sporting, political, domestic or in the international financial markets. The victory of the cross is achieved by the way of self-sacrificial love, by the way of surrender, humility, weakness and apparent failure. When all seems lost, ended and finished the glorious and risen Christ emerges from the empty tomb to begin a new reign of peace, trust and unity for the nations of the world. Yes, this victory brings a new future where every human being is of equal value, where there are no divisions through race, colour, creed or status and creation is cared for and loved as the creator intended. The transformation of Jesus from death to resurrection is by the power of the Spirit of God that Jesus entrusts to his Church. The sharing of victory is entrusted by Jesus to first his apostles and then to each of us as we are invited to be his disciples. We are invited to share his way of the cross to learn the ways of selfless giving, to practice his ways of gentleness and mercy, to walk his path of humility and compassion.

As we look at our world today we are drawn towards its crises and tragedies, it’s darkness and loss of hope. Yet the victory of the cross of Jesus is strongly at work. The acts of selfless love are multiplied throughout the world in the lives of missionaries, aid workers, charities and visionaries housing refugees and bringing relief to natural disasters. At home we are inspired by the home care for dementia sufferers, the fostering of the young, the care for the disabled, the support for domestic violence, the patience of drug rehabilitation volunteers as well as youth workers supporting knife crime victims. In so many acts of self-giving we can sing alleluia for the victory of the Cross. We can rejoice that Our Risen Lord’s way was to choose to be a servant not to be served, to walk in solidarity with the broken, the marginalised and the lost rather than seek wealth, power and positions of power. His victory of the Cross looks beyond this life to eternal life, where there is no pain or suffering, where all are welcome at the Banqueting table of heaven, and the peace of Heaven will one day reign on Earth.

May each of us experience a little of the joy of Easter, a new sense that all is well with our world and a new inspiration to play our part in achieving the dreams of humanity.

Thank you for your love and support for my ministry especially in assisting me through my recent knee operation.

With Easter Blessing,

Canon David



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