Peregrine News

Peregrine Falcons of St John's

Both young Peregrines have now left the nest box and are flying around with their parents, safely fledged. They will remain with their parents for several weeks as they hone their flying skills and learn to hunt for themselves. Here is their story so far; "About a week before he was due to fledge the young male GB fell or was knocked out of the nest and ended up on the streets of Bath. After an early morning call from the Bath Police station we were soon in the city and had him safe in a box. On examination he appeared unhurt but was clearly not ready to fly. We decided to take him to the International Bird of Prey Centre at Newent near Gloucester, where owner Jemima Parry-Jones soon had him in a large aviary where he could exercise and develop his strength for flying. He stayed there for a week before he was ready for fledging, he was brought back to Bath and placed back on the church to join his parents. We were surprised when he immediately flew off in the direction of the city centre and appeared to perch somewhere close to Marks and Spencers. Unfortunately he was out of sight but after an hour or so appeared at roof top level, by next morning he had returned to the church and was perched high on the tower with his parents. In the meantime his sister GA, who had been sitting resolutely in the nest box, was gone, assumed fledged. We searched all the usual places for her but after three days began to give up. We decided to climb up and to check the nest box in case she had died and was out of camera rang at the back of the box. However apart from a few pigeon bones the box was empty. After some time spent rechecking the church grounds it was time to go back home, suddenly two young peregrines were spotted on the church tower. GA had found her way back to the church and had joined her parents and brother." Mike Rogers, Hawk and Owl Trust. June 2013.