Edward Roger Wakefield

Born July 13 1910 at Upton Moor, Pontefract, Yorkshire. Was educated at Bedford School and Matriculated in 1929, graduated from Christ Church and was called to the Bar of Grays Inn in 1932. His parents at this time were living in St Georges Hill House in Bathampton.

In 1944 he was serving as a Captain in the Royal Artillery attached to the Special Service Brigade. who were providing a diversionary raid on Brac island off the Dalmation coast, Yugoslavia.

The battle was against a well dug in German force of over 1200. The combined force of 43 Commando and partisans failed. Tacticlly Brac was a failure, but strategically it achieved its object as the Germans diverted three Divisions of troops from the Dalmations to reinforce there hold on the island. This was no mean achievement, and in fulfilling it they displayed precisely those qualities in action which made them the unique force they were.

Captain Wakefield was killed on 3 July 1944, he was mentioned in despatches and is buried in the Belgrade War cemetery grave 9.B. 3-10

May He rest in peace