Feast of Christ the King. Sunday 22nd December 2015.

St John's celebrated this special Sunday by paying tribute to the work of young people in the Parish Community. In honour of Christ the King, the young Prophet, Priest and King, we honour the work of our Youth, who have had enjoyed great growth in various sections of the Community. On Saturday evening and Sunday Morning sixteen altar servers took part in a moving ceremony to receive medals of the Guild of St Stephen. Following training in the discipline of liturgical procedures the Servers were accredited with a certificate of honour and presented with special St Stephen's Guild Medals. The Parish are grateful to the local Catenian Association for their donation of £150 to gift the medals to the Servers. Training for the past weeks had been given by our Master of Ceremonies, John Delaney. Canon David, assisted by Liam O'Gorman, President of the Catenians and Peter Turner, Vice President conducted a service of Commitment. The servers made their promise to serve well and each day say a prayer to be a good server. A photograph of this grand occasion can be viewed here.

During the Sunday homily Canon David thanked also the newly formed 18 to 35 Group, who have made generous donations to the Parish through the offering of time in a number of Projects. They have been active in acquiring new chairs from a neighbouring Parish as well as renovating oak tables that are to be used in the Night Adoration Chapel. In recent weekends they have formed a work party to repair, clean and improve the toilet facilities in the entrance to the Night Adoration Chapel.

Canon David also honoured the newly formed young Adoration Teams who under the guidance of Brother Michael have spent their valuable free time in adoration to the Blessed Sacrament. This vital work to nourish faith among the young has been greatly assisted by our parents who too have joined in adoration. In his homily Canon David reminded us that the Kingship of Jesus was one of service for others. Each time we work in the service of others we extend Christ's Kingdom and proclaim by our actions His Gospel of love. On many occasions our young people give us a very good example of the Servant King Jesus.

Finally, this Sunday draws the Church Liturgical Year to a close and the Community of St John's rejoices today in the loving support of our Parish Family and wishes to each and every parishioner every joy in the Lord for the New Year, 2016.