2010.01.19 Talk/ Discussion event: "The Environment – a Christian Challenge": led by Mary Colwell

Talk/ Discussion event:

Tues 19 Jan 2010, "The Environment – a Christian Challenge": led by Mary Colwell, Producer of the BBC Natural History Unit, in the church hall. A review of the talk is below:


Mary Colwell, B.B.C. Natural History Unit Producer and environmental adviser to the Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales gave a talk on "The Environment – a Cause for Hope or Despair?" at St. John's, Bath on Tuesday January 19th 2010.

Climate change (she pointed out) is simply one aspect of the environmental challenge facing humanity: the widespread destruction of ecosystems is taking us to an era of mass extinction is another. However, Christians are called to respond with hope and creativity. We cannot ignore the situation, our response should be to pray and reassess what we need to do for human flourishing. We should seriously consider whether there is a need to change our values, the way we look at the world. If we take our responsibility seriously the future is full of new possibilities, perhaps with a new world order within which we can tackle poverty and injustice as well as the destruction of the natural environment.

A lively discussion followed the talk during which the parish (indeed the deanery) was challenged to become a "Beacon of Sustainability".

[Review by DPackham]