2012.12.00 Jubilee of St John's - 150 years, 1863 - 2013 - Year of Celebration

150 years - Jubilee 1863-2013

150th Anniversary of St John’s - Opening Mass of Jubilee Lights

Opening Mass of Jubilee Lights led by Bishop Declan Lang.
Saturday, 1st December at 5.45 pm

image: 150th jubilee candles

The Jubilee Committee have sent out invitations to leaders of religions, school, civic & local communities as well as friends of St John’s, former & past. If there is anyone you would like to invite, please let us know asap.

Please note, there will be NO car parking spaces available in the church grounds as they will be reserved for guests, elderly & disabled only.

The Jubilee Committee are asked to report at 4.30pm to collect their sashes and badges to act as stewards.

The Special Jubilee Candle is being decorated by a candle specialist, Imelda Weingart, from Winchester. A volunteer ‘decoration team' helped to decorate 500 smaller candles for the occasion (see photo on this page)

The Jubilee Committee wishes to inform parishioners that the ‘Bucket Appeal’ in November has been postponed. Thank you to all who volunteered to help. It is very much appreciated.

Our Jubilee Year - December 2012 - November 2013

Celebrations will take place throughout the year leading to a Mass said by the Bishop (to be confirmed) on the day of the anniversary 6th October 2013.

There are many arrangements that will need to be made to make this anniversary year a success. A number of groups have been established to cover the different areas – history, liturgy, events, cleaning and preparation for the church etc.

Fr David wishes to thank all who responded to his request to form a Jubilee Committee. The committee are now working on your ideas and are moving forward with various plans to celebrate the Jubilee.

8 October 2013

Mass of Dedication, to close the Jubilee Year.