The Transepts

The transepts

North transept

The North transept

To the left of the Lady Chapel, are memorials to the dead of two World Wars. Those of 1914 - 1918 are commemorated by the Pieta modelled after the style of the Michaelangelo in the Basilica of St Peter's, Rome. Those of the 1939 - 1945 are inscribed in the Book of Remembrance which was presented to St John's by the Mayor and Council of the City of Bath in November 1951 at a formal civic presentation. The large rose window with its beautiful tracery, shows Adam and Eve in Paradise.

The South transept

To the right of the Blessed Sacrament Chapel is the Altar of St Benedict (formerly at the rear of the church). The altar is flanked by statues of St Benedict and St Scholastica. St Benedict is depicted in the centre of the reredos and his holy sister, (2) the Saint breaking the cup containing poison by the Holy Sign of the Cross and (3) Sts Placid and Maurus being placed as children under his care. In those to the right are shown (1) the Saint raising the dead to life (2) the raven at his bidding taking away the poisoned loaf and (3) his recorded miracle when by prayer the broken sieve was made whole again. The panels of the altar frontal depict the Birth, Death and Resurrection of Christ. The rose window in this transept is a representation of Christ in Majesty.

North transept