Achieving our mission

We will achieve this in a number of ways

Facing the mission of the Church on a Deanery level rather than a Parish level.

This will enable the Diocese to provide guidelines for change to facilitate the working together of Parishes in Mission to achieve a new vision for its mission. The objectives would be to move the emphasis of the Church from maintenance to mission and seek to form communities rather than buildings. To do this there may be a need to reduce the number of buildings and concentrate on forming disciples and living communities. Diocesan Planning and Recommendations will help to move forward new vision and understanding to help our Catholic and Christian Communities to share more closely in the future. A new strategy for mission will grow out of change, but the handling and management of future change is paramount at present. Dialogue, listening and respect for viewpoints hold the key to missionary advancements. The ways of the Spirit call for discernment, understanding, risk taking and a realisation that to do nothing is not the solution.

Our world seems to be at a crossroads at present, a time for new opportunities, a time for hope in our mission.

We ask for prayers for St. John's to rise to our calling to be a People of Mission and seize this moment to make our City of Bath a better and more caring place to live.