Communicating our mission

Ways that we have to bring the vision about

Parish Welcome is at the heart of our mission.

Seeking to make every member of the Church a welcoming person is sought. The Ministry of Welcome is developed by the formation and training of personnel who reflect the ethos of welcome.

The buildings and liturgy seek to reflect the parish welcome, seeking to make all who enter the community comfortable and in a friendly atmosphere.

Empowering the laity is a priority and various formation courses are in place for the training of Catechists, lay leaders and adult education in Scripture, theology, and liturgical formation.

The Parish Pastoral Council is the tool for the facilitation of the clergy and laity working collaboratively, facing change together and developing the mission of the Church. The two documents "Called to be a People of Hope" and "Parishes in Communion for Mission" provide the guidelines for pastoral action. The great challenge facing the PPC (Parish Pastoral Council) is how to shape our future with fewer clergy and equip our ageing buildings to facilitate the mission of the future.